About Us

Sixth & Twelfth is a luxury home fragrance brand with a sole mission: to bring a piece of luxury into every home.

We aim to always deliver our customers a quality product reflective of the hard-work, expertise and care we put into creating each small batch. Founded in 2020 by fragrance lover and self-care enthusiast, Kira Kenny, Sixth & Twelfth quickly transitioned from a small hobby into a full-time business. Our products are not only reflective of luxury home care, but of the important emotions tied into burning a candle. We know all too well the feelings of warmth and comfort that candles provide, and we want more than anything to bring those familiar feelings of joy and fellowship into your home, all the while providing you with a product to aid in your personal luxurious self-care experiences. 

Let us set the ambience for any occasion in your home.