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Luxury Made For You

Lights Up My Room

"Love is Forever" This particular fragrance smells like a gentleman who just stepped out of a shower. I keep my candle on my desk and the fragrance lights up my room. I love it!

Tyanda H.

Burns Really Well

The candle burns really well. I have used it every day and I love it. I've been telling people about each candle. I will be purchasing more for my bathroom also.

Nedia J.


OMG "Stay Awhile" is amazing! After burning the first time; I could'nt wait to get home and re-light my candle!

Viola W.

Smells Delightful

"I Absolutely LOVE my Dream Big candle. It smells delightful. I recommend it as it is sweet and has a strong presence, but not at all overbearing."

Keemie B.

Ambience of Peace and Tranquility

"I absolutely love my candle. It is an awesome ,awesome combination of the most exquisite items coupled together to create an ambience of peace and tranquility. The smell is very quite, yet, very vigorous"

Alisha J.